What to Expect - BrandyPagePhotography

             Thank you so much, for your interest in potentially wanting a session with Brandy Page! I know how planning photos can be. Having to figure out what to wear, what location you want to photograph at, to maybe even wanting a theme, your wedding day, or anything in between, can be confusing and downright stressful.

            This is why I have placed together something so you can see what you can expect from your photo shoot; from the first contact, to the last print, which will hopefully ease some of those fears.

           As a reminder, you can always email me. BrandyPagePhotography@aol.com or call 305-600-8788 if you have any questions. I’m always happy to help you!

         Before booking a photographer you want to do these very important things. We get so excited thinking about ideas for portraits and wanting to get them done but so many people just jump to the first photographer they see, or bounce around looking for the best deal they can get. I will tell you what, price isn't always the answer. You want to feel comfortable, know that your going to have a good time, and an experience that will not just be in photos but live through that photo every time you look at it. You want to rave in excitement of your experience and the outcome! Follow this small list and it will help you so much in the end finding who is right for you!

            1. See the photographers portfolio. If you haven't seen any images don't just by what you hear. Sometimes the photographer may of been perfect for that person but not so much what you were expecting. So go to the website and really look at everything.

           2. Reviews! Reviews! Reviews! Make sure you are seeing what people are ranting or raving over. See there overall positive and negative feedback to help you. Not everyone is going to always be 100% happy with everything but at least this can help you decide if you want to give it a shot or not with that photographer.

               3. Make a list of some that you really enjoyed and had the expectations you desired in there work.

              4. Contact the photographers. Ask for the prices and pitch your idea of what you are wanting to have done for your session. See if the ideas flow together if you connect with the photographer and they are understanding what you are wanting.         

These are the easiest things to take into consideration so you can find the person that is most qualified for needs.                    


If you answered, YES! Continue for the next step!


As soon as you are interested in booking with me, contact me via Email, Facebook or by a Phone Call. We will then discuss all the specifics of what you are looking for with your photo session.

I like to make sessions very personalized and individual for each client and always listen to what you want done, but I also incorporate my own twist as well to make it special and one of a kind.

When you contact me, inform me of what style session you are looking to have done. (Ex: Family, Senior, Modeling, Wedding, ect...) Also let me know the location of interest and what time and date in which your looking to have your session done. You should know what package your wanting as well, this will help me know exactly what your wanting so I can get you fit in the correct time frame. Once we have discussed everything you will then place a 50% non-refundable retainer of your session to lock in your date. 


I have created a specific page on this topic to help with examples and tips for having a session with me. Some photographers may or may not agree, but through personal experience when I take photos this is the best advice I can possibly give. 


A Session depends on what you are wanting to have done. A newborn session is 2 hours. Portraits are up to 1 hour. Then I have mini sessions which are up to 30 mins.

Some events i have are 15 min. mini sessions. Special Events are by the hour. So it really depends. We will meet at your location of choice at the time you booked for. I usually show up about 10-15 mins prior to scope out the area if it is new to me. I like to talk prior to the session for any personal requests.

I also use pinterest and love to share inspirational ideas prior to meeting so we know what we are doing as soon as we start. When we meet I will evaluate any props you bring and I usually already have locations and ideas flowing so I then discuss with you the ideas and plans, and then we start the session. During the session your more than welcome to always place input, i love to chat and just have fun to make the images natural. At the end of the session, I'll answer any last questions you may have if I haven't already answered them, along with seeing if there are any other images you wanted done before we start to pack things up. 


Once I get home I transfer the images onto my computer, go through filing everything, and then begin editing a proof of 6 images that I usually post on facebook to show a sample within a few hours.

Then I get all the images proofed to post on your personal password protected gallery. After, I send you a link and details to remind you what package you ordered allowing you to view all the unedited images with the samples to see what I am capable of doing for you. Once you pick your images I then go through and edit them and re-post all the finished images in the same link and allow you to download them right off the site. The turn around time can be 1-3 weeks time depending on workflow and how quick you get back to me with your numbers. 

Specialty photo albums, prints, or creative items can be ordered directly from Brandy. Please contact me for more information on these items, and allow several extra weeks for specialty item processing. 


My goal is to give you natural, timeless photography that captures who you are.  Through my editing process, my goal is to make your photos look as natural as possible and just fixing little things that do no alter what you look like.

There are so many beautiful editing techniques out there, and they are changing all the time. My goal is, I want you to look back on your photos in 20+ years and be just as impressed with them as you are the moment after you see them. I feel that photos with natural colors, simple editing, using light and color to capture beautiful photos, instead of heavy post-processing, will give you a priceless gift that will last generations.

I want to capture your real personality and relationships through the images. You will of course get the traditional posed images, but you will also get photos of you laughing, interacting with your loved ones, and being silly! Images of how you really are. We don’t all stand together and smile in the same direction, we smile at each other, and those images speak so beautifully about the relationships between people and families. I strive to make your experience with me as easy as possible.