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Brandy Page

Born & Raised in Key West, Fl. 

Current City: Pembroke Pines, Fl.

Loves to travel!

I started taking interest in photography at the age of 15. I love color, so sunsets drew my eye right away. I used to sit on my rooftop, taking photos of the sunsets, the key deer and iguanas.  Photography just seemed so very natural to me. I have been in the photography field since I was a teenager. 

Thank You Bio

I drew a huge interest in photographing people, especially children, once I had my little girl. Nov 2007, she was born and shortly after moving back home, a friend of mine saw the photos I would take of her and asked me if I wouldn't mind taking some photos of her and her son.

Little did I know that my life would change after that.

Facebook was not too popular then, but that's how my name started to get around, aside from word of mouth. Today, I have traveled to a couple different states, all around Florida, I have been published all through the web, some no name magazines, locally as well,  I created my very own  magazine for models who never thought they would or could model.

I love to test every type of photography to see what I enjoy the most, as well as have fun trying new and exciting things.

 Weddings,Children/Family Portraits, and Models are my personal favorites.

I enjoy being a Natural Photographer. I love to capture your every moment, fast, steady, full of emotion and life. Not just a still memory of your special day or random time in life, but a memory that you can feel every time you look at that image.

Let me be the one to make your pictures be your memories, that no one will forget.