This is a Page Dedicated to the life I love. Photography has been a passion for a long time for me. I am a mother of a gorgeous little girl. I work very hard, and strive everyday to be a better person. I live my life to the fullest and want to show my daughter she can do anything she sets her mind to.

I was just 15 yrs old when I knew what I wanted to do and I have pushed to be what I wanted. I love my job! I love the new faces and all the reoccurring faces I see all the time. Its like I’m part of there families in little ways. To experience there life occurrence and showing them what they do not see.

People only see what they take, not get to see them in a different perspective. I love all types of photography! Children , Weddings, and Modeling images are my favorite subjects.

I get to be creative through every image making them unique, fun, and they can see what I see, things they never would of thought would be captured.

I currently live in The Florida Keys. I plan on expanding my living to Central Florida in the near future! I have traveled to Michigan for a wedding as of last yr. This yr "2013" I will be traveling to Savannah for a wedding, and next yr. I will be going to Wisconsin. I love to Travel. New surroundings, New faces, and new experiences are amazing!

I have traveled all through Florida and have so much more to do! Thank you for reading this and taking time to. I hope we get to work together in the Near Future!

With Love,